Tata Super Ace Mint Story

Tata Super Ace Mint Story

Tata Super Ace Mint Story

Tata Motors is India's only fully range manufacturer of automobiles with a portfolio covering trucks, buses, utility vehicles, commercial vehicles and passenger cars. In its drive to continually innovate and improve upon transportation solutions, Tata Motors began work towards a small 4-wheeled mini truck.

The project aimed at offering superior safety, versatile performance in varied conditions, ease-of-maintenance, style, comfort and cost-effectiveness, in a way not experienced by the small cargo vehicles owner. In May 2005, Tata Ace, India's first four-wheel mini truck was launched, and it changed the face of sub 1-tonne goods-carriage in India forever.

The success of the Tata Ace shook up the market of small trucks in India and within the first year of it production, Tata Motors sold 30,000 Aces, and demand more than doubled to 70,000 in next year. With time, the numbers of Ace vehicles on the road grew from strength to strength and by 2012, there were over 10 Lac Ace on the road. Today Ace has emerged as the single-largest commercial vehicle brand in the country.

By delivering a superior and safer driving experience, and the chance to garner more earnings, the Ace has not only met the expectations of the thousands of owner-operators across the country, it in fact, exceeded them to create a new paradigm in cargo movement. The popularity of the Tata Ace has crossed the shores of India. Since 2006, the Tata Ace and the Tata Magic have as of now been made available in over 20 countries.

But the story of Ace doesn't end there, Tata Motors continued to hone and extend the Ace product line and India's first mini truck evolved with India's ever-changing commercial landscape. Today, products from the Ace family such as the Ace CNG, Ace EX, Ace High Deck and the powerful, ultra-stylish 1-tonne mini truck - Super Ace have met with great enthusiasm. With the launch of Tata Magic in June 2007, the passenger variant of the Ace, the platform's success crossed over into passenger transport as well.

Today, 'Chhota Haathi' as the Ace is affectionately known, is a byword for reliability and business success among countless small-scale transporters and entrepreneurs in India, but Tata Motors continues its efforts to take the Ace story even further. Watch this space.